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Everything for business mobility, quickly arranged and immediately available.

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Flexible car lease and nothing to worry about. Check our deals with VWP Shortlease for individuals.

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About VWP

More than 10 years of experience, in-house professionals, and repair service.

Why choose VWP Shortlease


All-inclusive full operational lease

Quickly available

Most cars are quickly available and delivered to you within 24 hours.

Personal contact

Personal contact is invaluable. VWP Shortlease believes in a personal approach!

All-risk insurance

With a lease contract from VWP shortlease, you are fully insured. Drive arround with nothing to worry about!

About us

Full operational lease from € 295 per month

You don't want to overpay for your lease car and not be tied to a long lasting contract? Then shortlease is for you. This leasing option is a favorable solution for anyone seeking a flexible, short-term form of business and private operational lease. Let's look to the best solution together. Feel free to contact us without any obligation!

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Bij dit bedrijf staat service hoog in het vaandel en is een afspraak ook een afspraak. Het vriendelijke personeel heeft altijd een passende oplossing paraat en is prettig in de omgang . Dit in combinatie met een goede prijs, dus ik ben een tevreden klant!

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VWP Shortlease

Full operational lease starting from €295 per month

Don't want to pay too much for a lease car and not be tied to a long-term contract? Then short leasing is for you! This method of car leasing is an affordable and flexible solution for anyone looking for a short-term leasing option. This can be both for private and business use. We'll explain the key features of this leasing option on this page. Short lease is a flexible form of car leasing where you can rent a car for a shorter period than with traditional car leasing.

Instead of being locked into a long-term contract spanning several years, VWP short lease offers the opportunity to lease a car for as little as one month up to a maximum of two years. This is based on operational lease and a shortlease contract. It's an ideal solution for individuals and companies in need of mobility without lengthy commitments.

Driving in a modern car

VWP Shortlease provides modern and young cars at competitive rates. You can already drive a comfortable lease car starting from €295 per month! Do you value a low cost car? Thanks to our competitive purchasing policy, we can supply various models from stock with 8, 12, or 16 percent taxation.

Every month, VWP Short lease selects a few promotional models that are offered at an extra favorable rate. The discount applies throughout the duration of the short lease agreement. If your favorite short lease car isn't among them, take a look at our brands page for the complete brand offering.

Who is a short lease car suitable for?

Shortlease offers many advantages compared to traditional car lease. This leasing option is ideal when your company or individual has a flexible need, and you don't want to be tied to a long-term lease contract with penalty fees, or if you simply prefer to minimize financial risk as much as possible. A shortlease car provides solutions in various scenarios, such as for temporary work, as a transitional car, or for self-employed entrepreneurs or startups. As a leasing company primarily serving the business market, we deliver to:

  • Companies looking to limit their financial risks

  • Companies with a flexible transportation need

  • Lease drivers in need of a transitional car

  • Self-employed entrepreneurs and startups

  • Individuals who don't want long-term contracts

At VWP Shortlease, it's possible to lease a car with a short-term lease contract. This comes with many advantages. Imagine having a temporary need for a car and not wanting to be tied to a long-term lease agreement. At VWP Shortlease, we consider this a waste and offer you the opportunity to lease a car. When the agreed contractual period of the shortlease contract is over, you can start driving your car. If you do decide to return the car after the agreed contractual period, we have a notice period of 5 working days. This is the flexibility of VWP Shortlease!

Immediate availability of a car

You're looking for a comfortable car to take you from A to B. We believe it's important that you're assisted as quickly as possible and have access to a car that meets your preferences. At VWP Short lease, we have a car available immediately, whether you're looking for a small compact car or a large comfortable one, you can always count on us.

Naturally, you have the choice of an internal combustion engine like gasoline or diesel, a hybrid model, or a fully electric car. We have our own fleet with a wide variety of shortlease cars. As our offering is constantly updated, you can always drive a modern car.

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Our brands

  • audi logoAudi
  • volkswagen logoVolkswagen
  • toyota logoToyota
  • ford logoFord
  • citroen logoCitroën
  • kia logoKIA

Always the newest short lease cars

With us, you're guaranteed a high-quality car that meets all requirements. We have the latest models equipped with all the conveniences. No matter what you're looking for, we have a suitable model available!

Are you in search of a professional company car or a temporary family car? We offer you all the benefits of leasing but with a shorter duration. It's particularly well-suited for employees with temporary contracts or for startup entrepreneurs.

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Benefits of shortlease

What are the main benefits of shortlease?
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One of the major benefits of short lease is its flexibility. You're not tied to a long-term lease contract. Whether you need a car for a few months or a year, you can adjust the duration of the lease contract to your needs. This makes it ideal for individuals who want to switch cars regularly or for companies in need of an extra car.

No long-term commitments

With shortlease, there are no long-term lease commitments. You don't have to deal with the extended obligations associated with a traditional lease contract. You're not locked into a car for multiple years, and you can terminate the contract when necessary.

Inclusive of costs and maintenance

Shortleasing with us includes costs like car insurance, maintenance, and road taxes. This means you don't have to worry about extra expenses, as they're already included in the monthly lease amount.

Quick availability

Another advantage of short lease is the swift availability of cars. In most cases, you can start using the car within a few days after signing the contract.

The largest short lease selection

If you're looking for the largest short lease selection, you're in the right place with VWP Shortlease. With flexible terms starting from one month and customizable mileage, we offer a wide range of cars available for short leasing, ensuring you can always find a car that meets your needs.

Whether you're seeking a compact Peugeot car, a spacious Volkswagen family car, or a luxurious Mercedes sedan, our selection has it all!

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The assurances of VWP Shortlease

Our service and assurances are characterized by lightning-fast service and a personalized approach. We strive to provide an efficient and suitable short leasing solution for anyone who desires the convenience of a short-term lease contract instead of a long-term one. Our goal is to fulfill everyone's mobility needs, whether for business or private use.

You're in good hands with us when it comes to the most cost-effective solution. Volkswagen, Audi, Renault, Peugeot are some reliable car brands you can short lease with us.

Do you require a short lease car and wish to start using it today? Or are you still unsure about which car suits your situation best? We're here to assist you in finding the ideal mobility solution. We offer our services throughout the Netherlands.

Risk-free and quick

This form of car leasing is characterized by the flexibility of renting combined with the pricing level of leasing. We can quickly respond to any mobility need because we have our own fleet. After the specified period, you have complete flexibility to continue driving under the same conditions, but now with the added flexibility of being able to terminate the car immediately. Short-term leasing options are the future!

All-inclusive lease car

We offer flexible short leasing based on all-inclusive lease terms. The rates include insurance, maintenance, tires, interest, and a certain number of free kilometers per month.

So, you only need to refuel or charge the hybrid/electric car. With these all-inclusive lease prices, you know exactly what the car of your choice costs. Our rates are highly competitive, and furthermore, we have a notice period of just one week for our cars.

Flexible short notice period

Things you need to know about flexible shortlease
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Shortlease is Sustainable

Every new car, at every car manufacturer, is designed with sustainability in mind. Each successive car model emits less CO2 and consumes less fuel. You naturally benefit from this, as the fleet becomes more sustainable and progressively 'greener'.

Thanks to the flexible short notice period, you have all the freedom, flexible durations, and no financial risks. This way, you can provide new staff with a car without worries and without long delivery times. With our constantly changing fleet, we always offer the latest models.

Lease a car in the short term

When you opt for a short lease car, you can be driving within 24 hours, including mobility guarantee, roadside assistance, and replacement transportation. With us, you lease for a fixed monthly amount and it's much more cost-effective than choosing a rental car.

Affordable monthly costs

The monthly lease price depends on the car, the period, and the mileage. This leasing option simply offers all the advantages of full operational leasing, but with maximum flexibility and without financial risks. Start leasing from just one month and also enjoy all these conveniences!

Business or private short lease?

Short lease has become a popular option for both business and private purposes. It offers the flexibility of leasing a car for a shorter period without long-term commitments. Whether you're a business owner in need of temporary transportation or an individual who wants to lease a car without extended financial obligations, short lease can be an appealing choice.

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Business short lease

In business short lease, a company leases a car for a brief period to fulfill its business needs. It can be advantageous for companies with temporary employees or those requiring extra vehicles for a specific project. Some benefits of this leasing option are:


Business short lease provides companies with the flexibility to rent cars for a specific period without long-term commitments. This enables businesses to quickly meet their changing transportation needs.

Financial benefits

Business short lease can be cost-effective, as it allows companies to pay only for the rental period they require. This can be beneficial for businesses with limited budgets. Maintenance and Repairs: Maintenance and repairs are usually included in the rental price for business short lease. This saves companies the costs and hassle of arranging maintenance appointments and paying for repairs.

Private short leasing

Private short leasing is an option for individuals who want to lease a car without long-term financial commitments. It provides the opportunity to drive a modern car for a fixed monthly amount, including maintenance and insurance. Some benefits of private short leasing are:

No long-term commitments

With private short lease, you don't have to worry about long-term financial commitments. You lease a car for the period that suits you best, without being tied to a lengthy contract.

Driving in a modern car

Private short leasing offers the chance to drive a car without the high upfront costs. You can enjoy the latest models and technologies without making a significant investment.

Convenience and assurance

With private leasing, you don't need to worry about maintenance, repairs, and insurance. All these aspects are usually included in the lease agreement, providing you with peace of mind during the lease period.

Frequently asked questions

Answered directly for you

What is short leasing exactly?

Short leasing is a way of driving a car where someone rents a car for a specific period, usually ranging from one to twelve months. The advantage of short leasing is that you don't need to commit to a long-term lease contract, and the leasing costs are often lower than purchasing a car. For instance, you can choose a car that suits your specific needs, such as flexible leasing to adjust the car as your needs change.

How does a short lease application work?

A short lease application typically starts by filling out the application form on the website. Subsequently, you'll receive a tailored quote with the price and associated terms. If you accept our proposal, we'll send an order confirmation with all the details and the quote. In most cases, you'll need to pay the first month's payment and a security deposit upfront. The car will then be delivered to your desired address within one or two days.

It's also possible to pick up the car in Nijverdal. Once the lease contracts are finalized, the car will be scheduled for delivery. You'll then receive the keys to the short lease car, and you can hit the road worry-free! You're not tied to a long-term contract, and you lease the car for as long as you need it. Convenient, right?

Can self-employed individuals use short lease?

Yes, as a self-employed individual, you can take advantage of our short lease offers! Short leasing is a flexible solution for anyone in need of a car for short or long term. You lease a car for a short period, ranging from one month to several years. You only pay for the time you use the car, without committing to a long-term contract. Short leasing provides self-employed individuals with a flexible solution when they need a car for their business activities.

What does short leasing cost?

Short leasing is a flexible form of car leasing where you rent a car for a shorter period. You can also lease the car for a longer duration. The costs vary depending on the lease and the type of car; however, in general, short leasing is often more cost-effective than renting a car for extended periods.

Curious about our short lease offers? Check out our promotions page! Our minimum deposit is €1000,- per car. We will return the deposit 30 days after the car has been returned.  

Does VWP Shortlease accept cash payments?

No we do not accept cash payments.

What does short leasing entail?

This is a form of car leasing that distinguishes itself through its flexibility and short durations. Whether you're an individual seeking maximum flexibility and replacement transportation, someone in need of a car for a few months, or a company requiring an extra car temporarily, short leasing can be an ideal solution.

Can I pick up the car myself?

We deliver our cars with an external driver service to the preffered address. The costs for a transport are € 75,- (excluding 21% VAT)

Preferably in Dutch?

Would you prefer to read the text above in Dutch? Click here to visit our Dutch shortlease page!